František Skála: TAKITAK

This part is devoted to František Skála, the laureate of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award for 1991 and his work Lesojan (1998, beechwood, parchment, strings, wiring), which can be seen in the collections of modern art in the National Gallery in the 2nd floor of the Veletržní palác in Prague. Part of the book is a comic story of František Skála Velké putování Vlase a Brady/ The great adventure of Vlas and Brada. TAKITAK has three parts. A book with a picture story - that is to look through and you can see there the ghosts Lesojans. Newspaper - there you will learn about this wood skier much more from his creator, but also a lot of information about the spaces where you can meet him, about the exhibitions, well, as it usually is in the newspaper. Wood file - inside there is a big TAKITAK secret. Printed papers which you can find there have secret messages and you can read them with the help od a gadget (a template). They are from the BSC (Big Secret Collection). What is collected in there? Why is it secret? How big is it? With the help of the gadget you can add to TAK just as you wish. But you can create your own TAK - completely different.
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Authors: with the artist  František Skála also PaeDr. Jan Svoboda, Ivan Mečl, Mgr. Martina Chaloupková, Mgr. Ivana Blažková
Redaction and language editing Lenka Lindaurová
Production and design Divus
Binding technology Jan Činčera
Divus 1998

The book was created for kids from the age of 4 to look through and play, schoolkids can read in it and the older can enjoy it as well.
ISBN 80-902379-4-0

TAKITAK box contains many elements*TAKITAK box unpacked*Comic and the gagdet.



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