DIVUS LONDON: Sounds Familiar by Zinovy Zinik in Horse Hospital
Sounds Familiar by Zinovy Zinik in Horse Hospital

Sounds Familiar by Zinovy Zinik in Horse Hospital

21.06.2016 18:30


Book launch: Sounds Familiar or The Beast of Artek, A Gothic Novel by Zinovy Zinik.

... ... THE HORSE HOSPITAL: Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD ...

Divus London invites you to the launch of Zinovy Zinik’s new work of fiction Sounds Familiar or The Beast of Artek - A Gothic Novel.

A regular contributor to BBC Radio and the Times Literary Supplement, Zinovy is best known in Britain as the author of the acclaimed novel The Mushroom Picker (adapted for television by the BBC), for his Soho stories Mind the Doors (2001) and autobiographical tale History Thieves (2010).  

In his new comic novel, Zinik uses an authentic London setting and cast of characters to transcend the horrors of his Soviet childhood spent in pioneer camps and communal flats.

The launch will take place on 21st  June, 2016 at 18:30 in the Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury

As well as an introductory talk on Sound and Shadow Therapy by the author, the event will include the screening and broadcasting of documentary materials on taxidermy, weightlifting and pioneer camps; and an exhibition of original illustrations from the book by Lukas Malina.

Come and find out about Zinovy Zinik’s new novel so you can learn how not to be afraid of monsters born out of the fears and shadows of our own past. You can find out more and buy the book here


  1. Zinovy Zinik in conversation with the publisher and art critic Ivan Mecl on orgiastic sounds of Soviet communal flats and London shared accommodations, on the BBC audio doubles, shadow monsters, dream machines, sound therapy and other  autobiographical, documentary and literary sources of Zinik’s novel – from Mary Shelley and G.I.Gurdjieff to Gustav Mayrink, William Burroughs and Dr. A.A. Tomatis. 
  1. The first ever screening of the unabridged version of a documentary footage in which Zinik follows the steps of Gill Russell, a taxidermist artist, weightlifter and gym instructor who was an inspiration to Zinik in creating the main female character of his novel. Camera work by Ksenia Voronova. (now on youtube)
  1. The earphones will be provided for those who want to listen to podcasts of two BBC Radio 3 features created and presented by Zinovy Zinik: “The Warm Russian South” (2004) is about Koktebel in Crimea where the legendary Artek of Zinik’s novel is located; and his radio feature “Artek” (2004) in which Zinik is visiting this Paradise for pioneers and paedophiles -  once a Soviet holiday camp in Crimea for the children of Communist sympathizers from all over the world.  Producer Tim Dee.
  1. The guests are welcomed to have their shadows photographed in two positions – in profile and en face.  The results will be later analyzed by Dr. Zinik’s Clinic with the aim of establishing what exercises your shadow is required in order to increase its brightness, contrast and general balance – the reflection of your bodily health. The method that has become known as Zinik’s Clinic Shadow Gym was for the first time successfully employed in Zinik’s new novel Sounds Familiar. Read the novel to become versatile in the shadow gymnastics.
  1. Zinik’s novel is illustrated by the distinguished Czech artist Lukas Malina. The originals of these illustrations will be exhibited during this book launch in the Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury.

Launch on fcb

21.06.2016 18:30


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