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Jiří Ptáček | editorial | 01.03.2006
We have been working the whole summer on this issue of the magazine. The contributors were leaving on vacation, apologized for unkept deadlines, sometimes they even broke their hand, so they couldn’t finish the text at all. The new graphic designer got pregnant right after getting the job (congratulations) and one contributor gave birth to a baby on the day she should have handed in her article …
Jiří Ptáček | editorial | 01.03.2005
Umělec (the magazine) and an Artist (Umělec) on the Border The previous issue of Umělec magazine came out in three language versions: Czech, English and, for the first time, also in German. The issue you are holding in your hands now is being published in four versions altogether. By request of the Prague Theater Institute, which started the season of Czech theater in countries of Latin America,…
Jiří Ptáček | editorial | 01.03.2003
The Czech art scene has its own limitations, which have yet to be dissolved, and the desire or ability to dissolve them is still lacking. The best way to discover this is to go abroad and represent the domestic culture; all it takes is to be asked a few question by people who think you know more about it than they do. Near the end of November I went to Berlin with the intention of writing about…
Jiří Ptáček | editorial | 01.02.2003
The Czech art scene usually reserves the summer months for preparing the ground for fall shows. Some festivals are considered well in advance, but the harvest usually comes in September. And it appears that this year the launch of the season will not be attended by skepticism and a nagging feeling of absurdity: There is a certain joy and expectation in the air. Display, the trustworthy darling…

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