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Lukáš Karbus Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2008
When Lukáš Karbus left Martin Mainer’s studio at the Brno school for the arts, he returned to the town of Pihel, near Česka Lípa in the Sudetenland. He set up shop, became a partner in a saw mill and currently plants Japanese poplar trees whose fast growing wood serves as biomass. He paints in the evening when he can, after work. There would be no reason to imagine Karbus as a northern Bohemian…
Pash* Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.02.2007
To write about Pash* is to write about a generation, born in the mid-80s, that has only recently begun to change the shape in the Czech Republic of what this magazine calls visual culture. Pash* was born in Prague in 1984, and studies photography at the FAMU (Film and Television Academy of Prague). He rarely works in film, preferring instead to create street art, his series of colorful posters…
Daniela Baráčková Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.02.2007
At the end of last year Daniela Baráčková fell prey to the cultural gutter press when her former teacher, Jiří David, pointed out similarities between her video and another project, entitled Replaced, by Barbora Klímová. Baráčková’s work is a record of a busy New York street on which Baráčková is seen stretching out her arms—just like the artist Jiří Kovanda three decades earlier in Prague. This…
Pavel Švec Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.03.2006
“When the medicine helps, we don’t ask where it comes from.” (Pavel Ryška in a critique of Pavel Švec’s Life on Other Planets) I would say, “When the medicine doesn’t help, we have another prescribed.” And we can never admit to ourselves our own mortality. We try to keep ourselves alive as long as possible, although we don’t know why; we think of long life as if it was some sort of important…
Václav Girsa Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.02.2006
If you are looking for a painter whose enthusiasm you can trust, don’t miss Václav Girsa. His pictures are diverse, brutal and funny. Girsa doesn’t limit himself; he paints landscapes, cottages, volcanic eruptions, metal rock groups, abstractions and cats. He does not fear impasto or brushstrokes, and is generally unkind in his treatment of canvas. He manages to thwart accusations of too much…
Filip Nerad Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2006
At the beginning of the century a small circle of artists from Brno’s FaVU (Faculty of Fine Arts), who investigate the language of animated films, converged around filmmaker Filip Cenek. Typical for this creator were short-term alliances between a few artists, rearranging of characters and various language of animation narrativity, a reminiscence to a generation’s experience with fairytale…
Dominik Lang Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2006
Dominik Lang (1980) lives in Prague, studies at the studio of Jiří Příhoda at the Academy of Visual Arts (AVU) situated in Prague. In general, Lang is interested in “solutions.” He watches how things are being done, what is considered as given (“we accept it and don’t think about it anymore”), and suggests changes and different solutions. Sometimes he strives for a visible change, sometimes for a…
Vasil Artamonov Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.04.2004
Vasil Artamonov was born in 1980 not far from Moscow. When he was ten, his family moved to Czechoslovakia. Since that time he has not returned to Andrejevka, the town of his childhood. Since he has become a conceptually minded artist, he decided to make this break a central theme in his work. Artamonov‘s methods could best be described as reconstructions of remembered realities in art media…
Tereza Damcová Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2004
Tereza Damcová was born in 1977 in Brno. Since 1999 she has been studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (the graphics atelier of Margita Titlová — Ylovsky). The self-portrait videos of Tereza Damcová make ones blood run cold. When in Srdce (Heart), she tears into a plasticine model of what is both the central muscle of the circulatory system and love, we can see how she increases her self…
INDIE TWINS Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.03.2003
Born in 1979 in Prague, Jakub Hošek has studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts since 1998 (atelier of Vladimír Skrepl) Born in 1982 in Prague, Anežka Hošková has studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno since 2001 (ateliers of Václav Stratil and Petr Kvíčala). The various activities of the siblings Hošek, now known as the Indie Twins, are in many ways a solid leap beyond the local…
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