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Berlin Karel Císař | news | 01.04.2002
Arndt & Partner In his work for Kassel documenta XI, Thomas Hirschhorn occupied himself with thinking about Georges Battaille; this year he devoted his individual exhibition Doppelgarage at gallery Arndt & Partner to the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. Like in the Battaillian series, besides a hybrid sculpture from recycled material — among which this time his landscapes with giant mushrooms and…
From the other side Karel Císař | exhibition | 01.02.2002
No other large exhibition of visual art instigates so many conflicts as Documenta in Kassel, Germany. This was especially true of the 11th edition, this year curated by a non-European, Okwui Enwezor.The unifying element of the show was the way the creators perceive artistic production as an original intellectual activity. Thus the exhibition was the last word in this year’s Documenta discussions…
In the Course of Time Karel Císař | artist | 01.02.2002
The video work of young British artist Steve McQueen was recently exhibited at a solo art exhibition in the Kunsthalle Vienna and at Documenta 11 in Kassel. To better understand his work it might be helpful to examine a comment he made in an interview for Art Monthly back in 1996. When editor Patricia Bickers asked him what significance film framing might have to his work, he commented that the…
Tomorrow`s World Karel Císař | audio-video | 01.03.2001
When Jonathan Romney, art critic for the Guardian, had to decide which works to highlight from the blockbuster exhibition Apocalypse in London last year, he singled out the short film flex by young British artist Chris Cunningham, who was showing his own work for the first time. Before Apocalypse he mostly shot music videos and commercials, and prior to that he made special effects for films like…
London Karel Císař | news | 01.03.2001
ICAFollowing its earlier spotlighting of Beijing and Bombay, June saw the ICA continue its survey of art in significant urban centers, this time presenting works from contemporary Berlin. The organizers were inspired to create this three-year-long series of exhibitions by a sense that urban loyalties are gradually replacing the power of national identity. Berlin artists Oliver van den Berg,…
Between Earth and Sky Karel Císař | exhibition | 01.02.2001
"From a recent series of 40 photographic images by Lukáš Jasanský and Martin Polák, four shots fulfil the criteria set by Jeff Wall for making a landscape portrait. According to Wall, “… we must withdraw a certain distance — far enough to detach ourselves from the immediate presence of other people (figures), but not so far as to lose the ability to distinguish them as agents in a social space.…
Karel Císař | news | 01.02.2001
The Prague Window Gallery recently presented photographs by the young British artist Luke Gottelier, who was singled out in 1998 for the important exhibition Surfacing at the ICA. We can find a forerunner of his ambiguous photographic treatment of common themes in Ele-vage de Poussiere (Dust Bree-ding), the combined work from 1920 by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, which consists of Ray’s shot of the…
Unveiled Beauty Karel Císař | artist | 01.01.2001
"There is no doubt today that art historian Jan Avgikos was correct two years ago when she claimed that one of the images that would always remind us of the 1990s was of a formation of twenty girls in Tom Ford’s Gucci bikinis, or without them, standing still at the center of the New York Guggenheim’s rotunda. On 23 April 1998 about 500 invited guests were lucky enough to see Show, the work of the…
Karel Císař | news | 01.01.2001
migros museumMuseum für Gegenwartskunst in Zurich was in 1998 renamed “migros museum” after one of the two biggest shopping chains in Switzerland, following Rirkrit Tiravanija’s project to convert it into a supermarket for his exhibition Social Capital. This institution, with a program comparable to that of Le Consortium in Dijon, has recently made public its collections from recent presentations…
Karel Císař | umělec | 01.05.2000
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