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Barbora Klímová Lenka Lindaurová | new faces | 01.01.2001
Barbora Klímová (b. 1977) studies at the intermedia department at the Visual Arts Faculty of VUT in Brno under professor Peter Rónai. Barbora Klímová stands out from her peers, who mainly give in to pop culture influences, for her simple, almost minimalist concept, which uses the simplest kinds of exercises in painting technique. If one paints using light, shapes, and patterns, the traditional…
Jiří Skála Lenka Lindaurová | new faces | 01.01.2001
Jiří Skála (b. 1976) was a student from 1998 to 2000 at the visual communications studio at the Fine Arts Academy in Prague under professor Jiří David. In 2000 he transferred to Painting Studio II under professor Vladimír Skrepl. Skála was originally a painter, but these days he is occupied with conceptual installations that reference formal elements in art history. His work represents a…
Lenka Lindaurová | news | 01.01.2001
Pierre Daguin recently displayed his collection of art weapons for the first time. His project in terrorism took place in the Ostravian pub/ gallery, Černý Pavouk, where the shadowy atmosphere made it feel like terrorists were just sidling in for a beer. As an artist, Daguin walks the perilous line between the acceptable and unacceptable, the division between art and reality. He manipulates both…
Marginal Differences Lenka Lindaurová | q & a | 01.01.2001
"Michal Koleček established himself in the 1990s as a unique curator for the Emil Filla Gallery in Ústí nad Labem, CZ. As a result of his efforts, many artists from the former Eastern Bloc are not only finding a place in Ústí, but also in Prague.In your work as a curator you mostly focus, as few here do, on post-communist art. How did you first become interested in something so specific? First,…
Looking Within An interview with Milena Kalinovská Lenka Lindaurová | q&a | 01.06.2000
"Milena Kalinovská is an independent curator at the ICI institute (Independent Curators International) in New York. Before that she worked as the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston where she curated Boston School, New Histories, Bill Viola, and Rachel Whiteread and focused on presenting Czech artists in a Western context. She emigrated to London in 1970 where she organized…
Jaroslav Matula Lenka Lindaurová | new faces | 01.06.2000
Born in 1977, Matula has studied since 1999 in Petr Kvíčala’s studio at FaVU (the Department of Fine Arts at the Technical University in Brno). Matula’s simple concept relies on his relationship to a mutant figure, an undefined creature, strangely remote. As for Matula’s identity, he creates a whole set of different logos analogous to a wide range of commercial products. He created the company…
Jitka Havlíčková Lenka Lindaurová | new faces | 01.06.2000
Born in 1976, Havlíčková has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague since 1994, first in the drawing studio of Jitka Svobodová and then in the studio of conceptual art with Miloš Šejn.Jitka Havlíčková takes her time, working persistently on all her projects and invariably taking a solid step towards self-reflection. Up to now her spatial drawings have been her most interesting work: hair…
Lenka Lindaurová | recenze | 01.05.2000
Lenka Lindaurová | editorial | 01.04.2000
A friend of mine, a developer, decided to do something for the arts. He chose to enforce this enlightened mission because there is simply no other way to do it in a society lacking a sufficiently large enough group of snobs, where even state representatives place their bookshelves out on the balcony. This developer will buy a huge piece of land, about 1,230 acres, and build 5,000 family homes, a…
Radek Macke Lenka Lindaurová | new faces | 01.04.2000
Born in 1975, Macke studies at the visual communication studio with Jiří David at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Having experience with teaching, Macke chooses sophisticated themes, executing them conceptually. His major works include the series of large format paintings Unrealized Objects, which shows unbelievably constructed architectural shapes in a fauvist-colored landscape. The shapes…
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