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Tip ZCCA info | 01.04.2000
Children inherently and fragmentarily preserve one of the archetypal reasons why it is possible to make sculptures: “I want something I like, something I would like to have.” It’s very straightforward: affection—desire—interpretation. At the same time, children-artists are characteristic for their non-sentimental, unbelievably philosophically balanced approach to it. They don’t get attached nor…
Richard Gregor | info | 01.04.2000
TONAL 2000
The schematic results for this year’s Tonal, a Slovak prize awarded to contemporary artists, makes us think more about the issues facing current trends of contemporary art than the short-listed works themselves. While the four runners-up represent “respected” positions that currently exist (or rather survive) in Slovakia, the selection process did not take into consideration future development. …
New York Tomáš Pospiszyl | info | 01.03.2000
Very few American critics are missing out on the opportunity to compare this year’s Whitney Museum Biennial to the Greater New York exhibition at P.S.1. Both of them present current American, or, more precisely, New York, art. Both of them gave up on having a thematic approach, and both of them are the result of a cooperating curatorial team. Rather than a traditional museum exhibition, it…
Turner Prize 2000 Karel Císař | info | 01.03.2000
The selections for this year’s Turner Prize is surprising not only because the nominees include, after a long time, two painters, but also because only one of the four finalists was born in Britain. The committee’s chair and Tate director, Sir Nichalas Serot, claims that the selections represent the contemporary scene in all its variety and naturally include artists that only work in Britain.…
Expo 2000 Lenka Lindaurová | info | 01.03.2000
EXPO 2000
The reasons and objectives for international exhibitions to mainly present the latest achievements in science, technology and industry have been completely exhausted. Therefore, such shows become gigantic Disneylands with panoptic pavilions that use up incredible amounts of money and are, for many individuals, a lucrative commission. One can only surmise what a statistical inquiry among visitors…
Vladan Šír | info | 01.03.2000
In its fifth year of existence, art forum berlin established itself as a starting point for young galleries and a place of opportunity for commercial spaces from Central and Eastern Europe. While in previous years, galleries from West Germany played a key role in the art fair’s concept, it is now fledgling Berlin-based spaces that have taken the initiative. In addition, both the fair and the city…
Art 31 Basel Vladan Šír | info | 01.03.2000
Art Basel is big business and it is getting even bigger. In addition to the two floors of the vast exhibition space, occupied by 271 galleries from around the world, this year’s edition was expanded by 12.000 square meters of Art Unlimited. Basel managers laid their hopes on this newly created section as it breaks up the traditional booth presentation by individual galleries and shifts attention…
How the West Has Won and Lost Karel Císař | info | 01.03.2000
Edward Weldon, one of the ten artists presented at the exhibition How the West Has Won and Lost at the British Council Window Gallery in Prague, said, ”most of what has ever been made is rubbish that wants burning or throwing in the sea. We need to start looking at things properly…” The exhibition itself supported this witty remark by the strategic selection of artists whose various works…
Tate Modern—Responses Simona Mayerová-Goddard | info | 01.03.2000
The new museum of modern art, Tate Modern, has been open since mid-May. The possibility of using the overhauled power station as a museum had been discussed long before the eagerly anticipated opening. British television broadcast a series on the building’s architecture and reconstruction, and included interviews with Tate and Tate Modern directors, architects and chief curators of the…
Lenka Lindaurová | info | 01.03.2000
Just shortly before the holidays, exhibitions by art students gradually started popping up in Prague. Within a short time, three schools had graduations and opened class shows: the Fine Arts Academy, Decorative Arts College and one studio at J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. At the end of June, the Sources of New Style exhibition joined this group. It was put together by the recent…
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