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How a Natural Born Singer Paints Lenka Klodová | new faces | 01.01.2005
Vladivojna La Chia She rages on stage in the limelight, belting out her own lyrics in Czech, or in her own private language. The register of her rough voice is interesting. She is also a multimedia artist – she has created a video – and she is the guiding force of the Banana group. On stage the art is presented mainly with her clothing – her trademark color is red. She also wears a white dress…
Piva Harley and Aurora Davidson 1994–96 Lenka Klodová | new faces | 01.01.2005
Piva and Aurora came about during the entrance exams of two girls, Klára Froňková and Ivana Junková, who fell in love and decided that they’d either both be admitted or neither would be. They were not lesbians but heterosexuals, and they went for boys. When Klára went away to Holland, Iva was lost. Then Iva had a child and Klára got pregnant in Holland at the same time. That was the end of Piva…
Fairy-tale Entangled Marie Hladíková Ivan Mečl | new faces | 01.01.2005
In the forest of the winter kingdom there is a princess who brings animals to life out of whitened bones. A monkey pottering around finds a red rose in a snowdrift. The monkey comes within an inch of being hit. Hordes of bloodthirsty angels attack the kingdom. First two princess are maliciously slain. The petrified princess tries to flee but is also hit. Dying in agony she rips her heart out of…
Vasil Artamonov Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.04.2004
Vasil Artamonov was born in 1980 not far from Moscow. When he was ten, his family moved to Czechoslovakia. Since that time he has not returned to Andrejevka, the town of his childhood. Since he has become a conceptually minded artist, he decided to make this break a central theme in his work. Artamonov‘s methods could best be described as reconstructions of remembered realities in art media…
Tereza Damcová Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2004
Tereza Damcová was born in 1977 in Brno. Since 1999 she has been studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (the graphics atelier of Margita Titlová — Ylovsky). The self-portrait videos of Tereza Damcová make ones blood run cold. When in Srdce (Heart), she tears into a plasticine model of what is both the central muscle of the circulatory system and love, we can see how she increases her self…
VERONIKA ŠRAMATYOVÁ Mira Keratová | new faces | 01.03.2003
born in 1977, she studied in Prof. Daniel Fischer’s studio of intermedia at VŠVU in Bratislava. During her studies Šramatoyová made — among others things — a project together with Aneta Mona Chisa called ARTODAY (2001) in which they used colorful sequins to manipulate well-known works of contemporary art. In her project White Paper (2000, Bratislava) she stuck up, dropped into mailboxes, or…
INDIE TWINS Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.03.2003
Born in 1979 in Prague, Jakub Hošek has studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts since 1998 (atelier of Vladimír Skrepl) Born in 1982 in Prague, Anežka Hošková has studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno since 2001 (ateliers of Václav Stratil and Petr Kvíčala). The various activities of the siblings Hošek, now known as the Indie Twins, are in many ways a solid leap beyond the local…
Jiří Franta Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.02.2003
Born in 1978, since 2000 he has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (currently in the studio of Vladimír Skrepl).As is the custom in the most liberal atelier of the AFA in Prague, Jiří Franta also has no problem swapping media. Franta — who approaches with chutzpah the delicate topics of violence, historical memory and the abuse of power — was accepted in 2000 as a member of Rafani, a…
Jakub Staněk Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.02.2003
Born 1972, autodidact. In 2000, became founding member of Skupina 0000 in Třebíč.We would probably know Jakub Staněk as an experienced conceptual artist, if it weren’t for his constant efforts to stand on the edge of art history, to supplement it with unexpected raids while remaining as far out on the periphery as he can go.As early as the first half of the 1990s, he began to attack the…
Tomáš Bujňák Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2003
Born in 1979, Tomáš Bujňák, after attending several secondary art schools in Slovakia, was educated at the School of Fine Arts in Bratislava (20002001) then at FUTU in Košice (2001-2002), and last year he moved to Miloš Šejn’s studio of conceptual art at Prague’s AVU.From the overview of art training, one might understand Tomáš Bujňák as being one of those hyperactive art jumpers. No joke:…
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